Robb is the drummer and founder of Anthem.  His musical journey began when he was three years old and received his first children’s drum set from Santa Claus.  This gift sparked a lifelong love affair with drumming that for the next eight years he was drawn to the drums anytime he would be near a kit or watching intently as other drummers were playing.  Fast forward to 1979 when Robb was eleven years old and he began his formal training as a percussionist in the Junior High School Band Program as well as with private instructors.  1980 brought his first ‘real” student level drum kit as well as the beginning of a five year stint playing in the school stage/jazz bands as well as marching band.  His love for music grew more and more with each year and in 1981 with the launch of MTV, he was finally able to see his favorite drummers perform the songs he had only been able to hear on the radio.

The Cherryville, North Carolina native taught drums and played for several regional musical groups. He attended and graduated from Appalachian State University Hayes School of Music in 1992 in Boone, NC majoring in Music Industry Studies concentrating in Artist Management and Promotions with a double minor in Business Management and Marketing and was a Percussion Principle. Upon graduation, Robb was hired as a booking agent and production manager for national artist shows at Showtime Agency, Inc. based in Raleigh, NC.  While there he had the opportunity to work with bands such as Kix, Mother’s Finest, McQueen Street, Cry of Love, Firehouse and many others including Regional Powerhouse Sidewinder.

Over the years, Robb has lent his talents to such acts as four time Entertainer of the Year and Grammy Voting Member Southern/Country Rock sensation, Michelle Leigh, Voltage, and was the founding drummer for the Judas Priest Tribute Act - Unleashed.  For the past three years prior to Anthem, Robb has been laying down a solid foundation for Hammer Down as well as being responsible for bookings and promotions up until his departure. Robb has established himself as a studio musician and live performance artist. His powerful, melodic, and bigger than life drumming encompasses all styles of music that he quickly adapts uniquely as his own.

Equipment List

Hit Man Custom Drums (Endorsed) 
2) 16”x24” Bass Drums 
1)   8”x10” Tom 
1) 10”x12” Tom 
1) 11”x13” Tom 
1) 16”x16” Floor Tom 
1) 16”x18” Floor Tom 
1)  8”x14” Pearl Maple FFS Snare 
1) 6.5”x13” Pearl Steel Shell Snare 

Paiste Cymbals 
3) 20” 3000 Heavy Crashes 
2) 18” 3000 Heavy Crashes 
1) 16” 2002 Med Crash 
1) 18” 3000 China 
1) 20" Paiste 3000 Rude China 
1) 10” 2002 Splash 
1) 22” 3000 Rude Power Ride 
2) 14” 2002 Sound Edge Hi-hats

Hardware and Other Gear 

LEVEL Drum Racks 
Gibraltar Hardware 
DW 9000 Pedals  & Hardware 
Latin Percussion accessories 
Rhythmworks accessories 
Treeworks Studio Chimes 
Roland SPD-SX Sampler 
Roland TD-50X Drum Module
Audix D Series Microphones 
Shure Microphones 
Evans Drumheads 
Vater Drumsticks 
Calzone ATA Cases 
Porter & Davies Tactile Thrones

Ability to run click and backing tracks as well as personal  in-ear monitoring system.