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Introducing Anthem

Charlotte's Ultimate 70-80's AOR Arena Rock tribute

2023 has brought forth a new band with a familiar sound to the Tribute world.  Not just a tribute to one particular band but to the most amazing era the music industry has ever known!  There wasn't streaming services, YouTube, or MTV for that matter.  This was a time when record labels pushed the new music to the radio stations by way of vinyl and later on cassette and CD's before everything became digital.  This was a time of $5-$15 dollar concert tickets, no Ticketmaster service fees and definitely no reserved seating.  It was all General Admission and you had to get your tickets from the local record store or other ticket outlet after you stood in line for your turn to buy your ticket!  Did I mention that there wasn't even internet then so no going online to buy your ticket?  As far fetched as this may sound, I bet not a single soul that experienced this time will have one complaint about any of it because it was a great time to be alive and an even better time for music!  What was even more amazing, there wasn't a single person with their cell phone during a show videoing because there wasn't such a thing then , they actually soaked in the incredible music coming from the stage and basked in the glory of so many talented musicians that were giving it their all.  Times have definitely changed and some of those bands still tour.  Many artist have since passed on and their legacy can be found in their recordings.  Many Gen X'ers and even some Boomers look back with so many fond memories of days gone by.  This brings us to ANTHEM!  Anthem has dedicated themselves to paying tribute so those very bands that created the greatest era of music ever and reproducing those songs with the greatest of care and honor!  We invite you to come see us and take a trip down memory lane and then tell everyone about us.  We are a family friendly entertainment show that is available for corporate events, fairs, festivals, Alive After Fives, Winery's , Breweries, Private Events, Performance Halls, and select venues, Summer Concert Series etc.  Browse through out website, check out our show calendar to find an event near you and sign up to receive our email notifications of upcoming events to keep you in the loop.  We look forward to meeting each of you!